The power of technology and infrastructure comes from BITSONIC which is developed and known as on top crypto exchange of Korea. All cryptocurrencies will be reliable to manage and operate in BITSONIC wallet.

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Binance Connect

Trading on Mtobit is quicker and more convenient than on Binance. Moreover, its function is to share order book with Binance by real time.

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Fast & Big Volume

Processing capacity of trading data is more than 500,000 unit / sec, except of providing trading authentication delivery by real time with huge volume shared with Bitsonic order book as well.

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Fiat & New

Possible to make deposit / withdrawal transaction through the cooperation with Techcombank and others. Providing new operation service is remarkably different from existing cryptocurrency exchanges.

Mr. Shin Jin Wook, CEO & Founder of Bitsonic - Korea, announce the development of new crypto exchange (Mtobit) in Vietnam.


Mtobit is one of Bitsonic's services developed by SKOOPMEDIA in Korea to provide and transfer all systems of all crypto exchanges. This platform has been providing high reliability to operate without any problem from a round security issue.

MTO Token issues MTO token to increase reward function to customer and utilize various services as well. During operation time, MTO will be continuously managed and play important role in guaranteeing crypto exchange’s liquidity, expanding quality and service. Therefore, MTO token will as an unique element to develop and increase the value of Mtobit cryptocurrency exchange.

Why Mtobit?

By applying the super trading engine which can process trading data from 500,000 ~ 1,000,000 unit / sec is not only huge difference but also competitive advantage than any other small and medium crypto exchanges.

Why Bitsonic?

Bitsonic is, also known as Korean crypto exchange which is possible to trade by Fiat KRW, developed by CEO: Shin Jin Wook, Skoopmedia in May, 2018. At present, Bitsonic is Top 3 after Upbit , Bithumb with daily and monthly high trading volume in Korea.

    Bitsonic’s core values
  • Trust and safe
  • Share order book with Binance
  • Most advanced technology
Investment Notice and Policy of Exemption from responsibility

This document is made to introduce some information about MTOBIT and MTO Token. This document is not Investment FYI and not used for purpose of loan, mortgage of any company or organization. This document is not made to be based on local law or Vietnamese Law and this document is not considered as agreement as well. This project can be improved continuously and be replaced some contents which stated in this document. The MTOBIT uses MTO Token to get effective and helpful in the system. Owning MTO Token will be not under guarantee in any responsibility or benefit for any owner or company. When comparing to asset of other exchanges, MTO Token’s value will be not changed so Buyer should consider about “Certainty Notice”. After MTOBIT exchange is listed, Fluctuation of MTO Token’s value is so large that Buyer should understand MTO Token’s price would be up or down at that time. When trading cryptocurrency, it must be certified by KYC/AML and KYC/AML is not the procedure to be considered as an official and safe trading for Buyer but it is recommended to proceed at least one time by Buyer.

Token Allocation

MTOBIT token (MTO) is the ecological system of the Mtobit Exchange Platform and will change to Ethereum ( ERC-20 ) with unique distribution model as followings:
- All tokens will be locked up within 01 year
- Ticket will be issued to holder at the beginning of every month and understood as Sales Right of holder

Angel Sale
22,960,000 MTO (Lock)
4,480,000 MTO (Lock)
Private Sale - price 0.25 USD
22,960,000 MTO (Lock)
2,800,000 MTO (Lock)
Public Sale - price 0.35 USD
2,800,000 MTO (Lock)
Mechanism & Privileges
  • It is token of exchange expanding the trading system of Bitsonic exchange toward South-East Asia market which has never been in trouble with system error and hacking.
  • MTO Token will be listed on exchange and Mtobit,com provides the large trading volume and high liquidity by sharing Order Book with Bitsonic exchange and other exchanges in all over the world.
  • MTO Token is used for various purposes such as co-operation, Token Listing, VIP Level increasing, Event… we will build this system so that a lot of enterprises and individuals can continuously buy or keep
  • To minimize MTO Token supply quantity, applying ticket method makes MTO Token supplying quantity limited on the market
  • VIP1, VIP2, VIP3 system will decrease more and more MTO token supplying quantity on the market, and general customer can buy MTO token on the market to change into VIP customer. This means the MTO Token supply quantity would be reduced more and more
  • MTO Token is not performed Airdrop Program, and is Token of exchange which is providing new shape and design by extremely limited supplying system on the market.
VIP3 Node
30,000 MTO
100 node
  • lock 1 year
    > Node fee rate 0.75% / month
  • lock 2 years
    > Node fee rate 1.2% / month
  • lock 3 years
    > Node fee rate 1.5% / month
VIP2 Node
150,000 MTO
  • lock 1 year
    > Node fee rate 0.8% / month
  • lock 2 years
    > Node fee rate 1.4% / month
  • lock 3 years
    > Node fee rate 1.8% / month
VIP1 Node
300,000 MTO
  • lock 1 year
    > Node fee rate 1% / month
  • lock 2 years
    > Node fee rate 1.5% / month
  • lock 3 years
    > Node fee rate 2% / month

Establish Skoopmedia

May 2011

Developed many famous application products. (BAEMIN,SOCAR…)

May 2011 - March 2018

Start a BITSONIC crypto exchange project

November 2017

Sales a BITSONIC token (BSC) for Angel , Private Investors

March 2018

Launch the BITSONIC crypto exchange / Public sales a BITSONIC Token (BSC)

May 2018

API connect and provide a Binance order book

June 2018

Launch the KRW fiat market

August 2018

Launch a IEO service

September 2018

Daily trading volume No.3 in Korean exchange market

October 2018

BSC market open on BITSONIC

March 2019

Start a Mtobits Project

May 2019

Establish the InnovanTech

September 2019

Change a hyper trade engine

Octorber 2019

Sales a Mtobit Token (MTO) for Angel , Private

November 2019

Angel & Private investor Meet up in Hanoi , HoChiMinh

November 2019

Launch the Mtobit exchange
Listing a MTO Token
Marketing Campaign
VIP & Membership program

1Q 2020

Rank No.1 crypto exchange in Vietnam
Launch a IEO Service
OPEN API & Share API module

3Q 2020

Rank No.3 crypto exchange in asia
MOU over 100 token & Mainnet projects
Launch a option Service
Launch a P2P lending service
Launch a DIFI service

Core Team
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Kyle Kim

Founder & CEO

Development of P2P Exchange Platform Founder of Hcoin Project
CEO of The New Century Mobile Communication
CEO of SK Telecom’s Agency
CEO of The Retail Industry Company
CEO of Blocktown Company

Kim Su Hoan

Co-founder & COO

Founder & CEO of Vikochain, consulting blockchain projects: events, marketing, funds ...
Founder & CEO of Vikocapital
Founder of Innovan Tech

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John Park

Program Development
Animation Development
Cryptography Mining and Fund Advisory
Marketing Expert

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Haesoo Han

CMO of Walton Chain
CEO of Core interactive
COO of Jlny Communication
CEO of Chai Communication

Advisors Team
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Mr. Shin Jin Wook

Founder & CEO of Bitsonic Exchange, Korea
Founder & CEO of Skoopmedia
CTO of Blinkfactory
Server Programmer in NEXON
Working Programmer during 20years

Mr. Alvin

CEO of ( (Decentralized Exchange)
Founder & CEO of Inappin (Game)
Founder of CEO of STcomms (Commerce)
CMO of Danal (Payment)

Mr. Byunghyun

Founder & CEO of ChainBridge (Blockchain development)
Programmer of Samsung Electronics
Technical Sales of Electronic Arts

Main Partners
Mtobit Application

Mtobit is committed to providing our users a safe and easy method to use the crypto trading apps to trade across our exchange.

  • Bitcoin Trading App / Crypto Trading App
  • Supported Crypto Wallet & Digital Assets
  • Help & Support with your Account
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